Isidorian Way of the World Teacher’s Day

Isidorian Way of the World Teacher’s Day
By Cristyl B. Tobongbanua

The Isidorian community celebrated the World Teacher’s day last October 3, 2014, for the students to show gratitude to their teachers. It was held around 12:30pm at the Isidrome.

With the help of the Office for Students Affairs, the student leaders consisting of the school’s Aerospace Cadets of the Philippines Officers, BEC Kapatiran Leaders and Student Coordinating Body, were able to put together a program for the teachers.

Upon the arrival, the students, guided by their leaders, escorted the teachers to their seats in the venue.

To formally open, Mr. Anthony Valeriano, Human Resource Officer, gave the opening remarks and facilitated a game called “Sa Pula, Sa Puti” afterwards where the teachers get to share what’s on their mind to the students.

“I enjoyed the simple program. I had fun when the teachers answered the questions and were able to express themselves in front of the students.” Ms. Erica Decilos, Math teacher of the High school department, said in an interview.

Students from the 9th grade and 4th year level presented songs to entertain and express their appreciation to their teachers.

While the students are singing, a slide presentation showing teachers in action was presented and some gave their gifts as  tokens of love and respect for their educators.

After the gift giving of the students, Christopher Miranda, 4th year SCB representative, gave a speech for the teachers on behalf of all the students.

The Non teaching personnel also dedicated a song for the teachers called “Closer You and I.”

The program was followed by the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. ©

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