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Isidorians Celebrate Christmas 2014

Isidorians Celebrate Christmas 2014
By Andrea Lyn H. Banocnoc


Last December 18 2014, the students of San Isidro Catholic School held their Christmas party.

The celebration started with the Celebration of the Holy Eucharist with Msgr. Cesar B. Pagulayan, our parish priest as the main presider with our school chaplain, Fr. Amado V. Gino as co- celebrant. In this mass we didn’t only celebrate the spirit of Christmas as one community but we also honored in advance the Sacerdotal Anniversary of Msgr. Cesar Pagulayan. And to celebrate his years in priesthood, the school prepared a guessing game participated by certain students and teachers. Also to give a message of thanks, a chosen student, John Carlo Damian delivered his message of gratitude. All of us had a great time.

After the Eucharistic celebration, all the students went to their own classrooms to begin the party, each section prepared a program to be followed. This program includes games for the students, exchanging gifts, and last but not the least the “kainan part” would not be missed. Almost all classes decided to have pot luck for their food so that everyone will share with one another. After the Classroom Christmas Party, the grade school students were dismissed.

Then the high school department started their Kapatiran Christmas Party. The program was hosted by Mikko Paulino and Margarette Dimen, from the fourth year level. It started with an opening prayer and a message, then the presentation of each Kapatiran begun. Different kinds of presentations were done including singing, interpretative dancing even midget dancing, all the students were having great fun. But the program must end, and it concluded with a closing prayer lead by David Pasumbal.

This is how the Isidorians remembered the birth of Jesus Christ and His blessings of love and sharing. ©

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