Welcome to the New School Year!

Welcome to the New School Year!
By Karen Crizel M. Bayongan

Classes opened in SICS last June 16, 2014. The school’s theme this year 2014-2015 is “Banal at Bayani, Ikaw Na!”

As usual, students were eager to see their classmates, teachers and especially their friends whom upon seeing them, seemed like there’s no more tomorrow for their never ending stories, laughter and happiness. After exchanging memories and experiences, the students were all gathered in the Isidrome for the praise and worship. After this the students were given time to do some homeroom welcome activities to prepare themselves for their role as Isidorians.

The old students were very kind and accommodating with the new ones and made them feel that they are welcome and they belong to the SICS family. For one week, students were able to learn again the school’s policies, guidelines, vision, mission, core values, identity and the history.

On June 23, 2014, the students were gathered as one family to celebrate the Mass of the Holy Spirit, the first institutional Eucharistic celebration for this school year. The mass was presided by the new School Director, Rev. Fr. Maxell Lowell C. Aranilla, Ph.D., who was celebrating his birthday, together with the new Assistant School Director, Rev. Fr. John Rany P. Geraldino. It was also the day that the school administrators, staffs, teaching and non-teaching personnel were introduced to us.

As the new school year comes, we all know that we will be going through good and bad times with each other. But let us remember that the Lord is also with us. Let us all inspire each other as we journey this year of holy heroes! ©

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